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About Us

With many years of experience and operation, Pring Street Dental Surgery and the reliable dentists working there, have made themselves the preferred choice for families and children amongst the community of Ipswich and surrounding suburbs. The team at Pring Street Dental are proficient in many services, which you can find under the "services" tab. The professional, yet relaxed environment with approachable staff have earned their remarkable reputation and trust of the local people.  

Our Story

Pring Street Dental is a family owned clinic that has been delivering a high standard of dentistry to people of the greater Ipswich region for the more than 65 years. We have a strong set of core values which drive our day-to-day operations and how we interact with our patients.

Meet the Team

Our Values

Image by Natalya Zaritskaya


Our patients and staff have been with us for years and have become family to the practice. We are all very humble to have such a supportive and welcoming family community. We feel a strong sense of family whenever someone walks into the practice.

Image by Brett Jordan


We are open an honest with our work, both with what we do and how we do it. We take responsibility for our work and actions. It fills us with pride when our patients trust that we are giving them the best treatment for them. We understand that each patient has their own circumstances and story, and that changes what dental care is best for their needs.

Holding Hands


We treat all our patients with the utmost respect and care. We hold high respect each other the environment we work in. Respect is core to how we operate.

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We strive for excellence through our work. Achieving the best result is a top priority, regardless of what it takes to get there. It is our responsibility as your dentist to give you the best possible treatment available.

Image by Jonathan Borba


We remain at the pulse of the latest technology and breakthroughs so that we can use them to achieve better results for our patients. Constant improvement is at the heart of who we are. To deliver the best of dentistry, we must always have an eye out for ways to improve and better ourselves.

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